Sanrense Giveaway


Ends on Oct 5th, 2015


Prize & Winner:

Total 5 winners: 1 special win US $50 store credit + 4 win US $30 store credit.    (O ^ ~ ^ O)


How to Enter? 

  1. Follow: follow @sanrense__official in Instagram, @sanrense in Tumblr , @sanrense in Facebook; (follow any 2 platforms, but 3 platforms would be better)
  1. Like & tag:like giveaway post and tag 3 friends in facebook /instagram/ tumblr; (do it in any one platforms, but more platforms would increase your chances of winning)
  1. Post: post your fav picture containing my store existing items, with @ the corresponding Sanrense account and hashtag #sanrensegiveaway in your Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook; comment down about Items; (do it in any one platforms, but more platforms would increase your chances of winning );

(The fav picture must be original and contain a MINIMUM of 5 different kind of items, like a dress + a bag + a pair of shoes etc; give full play to your imagination to design this picture as you like; and watermarked with your own social account(s) name, make  sure logo doesn't affect the item).

  1. Submit your Fav picture, Links of your posts and Store links of items in your picture at:  (\^o^/)


*Kindly note:

▪We will choose winners with Most Popular . ∩ˍ∩. ;

▪One entry per person. Extra picture submitted won't count ;

▪How to get more entries in addition to above? ┌(‵▽′)╭  

Your fav picture will be updated in our Facebook album, there you could share with your friends and get more likes. We take "likes" into consideration for choosing winners. ( About the "like": We take it into consideration but final result will be reserved by Sanrense Team )

▪Must have your Email box open to be notified, we will send message if you win. If there is no response within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

▪Giveaway ends Oct 5th at 11:59 pm (PDT time)


Enjoy this lovely event and tag your friend(s) to join it too ↖(^ω^)↗



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