Sanrense Brand Introduction


Brand introduction:

Sanrense is held by Shenzhen sanrens e-commerce Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a fashion brands for millennials, sanrese brand of the products include clothing, shoes, sports & outdoors, electronics, toys etc.

Sanrense the pursuit of leisure, bold, unique, free, novelty, high quality products, our products in brand are sold to America, the main countries of the Asia and Europe. Our brand has officially in the United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration Registration (US serial number 86959069)

Brand story:

The origin of Sanrense in 2009, the company founder consciousness to future millennials will have huge market potential, so start to create Sanrense brand logo, and in the local to promotion of the market and to expand the brand influence. Invite fashion designers to develop with characteristics of our brand products.

In 2012, the company began to expand the online sales, and the establishment of the network marketing team. After a year of efforts, expand the our team and to expand into overseas, establish their own brand website, and cooperation with various network sales platform, enhance the brand's influence and brand of sanrense slowly into the life of young people in United States, Europe, Japan and other countries.

By 2015, our company has established our brand stores in Amazon, Wish, Etsy, Aliexpress, Etsy, storenvy and so on, and achieved very good sales performance.

Sanrense brand especially in the United States by the great recognition. It represents the feeling of free way of life. To provide consumers with better products, better protection and promote our brand, we have perfected the logo image of our brand and are officially registered in the United States.